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Welcome to Royads - a freelancer blog-
For all your website design and development needs.........

About website programmer / Freelancer - PHP / ASP
I am a website programmer from mumbai(Bombay). We are the team of experienced freelance web designers, website programmers and graphic designers working from last 3 years on different web technologies like PHP and ASP and delivering quality products to our clients worldwide. We always strive for the highest level of quality and accuracy in the products we deliver.

Diploma in Computer Science & engineering.
B.E. with Computer Science & engineering.

Web Development Services
1. Website Designing. - More..
2. Website development.
3. Website maintenance
4. PHP / MySQL website development. - More..
5. PHP - MySQL script installation
6. E-Commerce – Online shopping portals with payment solutions.
7. Installation of open source scripts.
8. Business website development.
9. Corporate website development.
10. Template designing.
11. Logo Designing.

Website Promotion Services
1. Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ). - More..
2. Link Building.
3. Keyword Analysis and suggestions.

Our objective is to deliver the high quality product and maintenance to our clients, we always achieve this by using right technology for product development. PHP is very strong server side programming language and thus we are specialize in PHP/MySQL website development. We always suggest to our clients to use the correct technology for there products. We are mainly working on server side programming languages including PHP4 , PHP5 , ASP.

Server Side Programming
-PHP 4 , PHP5 , ASP.
Website Designing
-HTML / CSS , Javascript, AJAX.
Database Designing

Royads is a team of website programmers and designers based in Mumbai, India. Focused on providing world-class web development services to customers worldwide.

Our team is set up with specialized graphic designers and smart website developers.

Royads is a fast growing freelancer team from India. A group of experts with vast industry and domain expertise lead royads talented and dedicated team of website production and maintenance.

Whether it is design or development, modules integration, server settings and installation , website promotion royads has the skills and ability to deliver the high quality products.

Sample websites
We have delivered lots of web portals like,
1. Online T-shirt shop - Shopping cart website.
2. Corporate gift shop - Shopping cart website.
3. Buddhist matrimonial - Matrimonial website.
4. Muslim matrimonial - Matrimonial website.
5. Real estate - Corporate website.
5. Animation company - Corporate website.

We have developed lots of websites. Take a look at sample websites in the slide show at right side of this page.
View sample websites by royads

Our Clients
We have delivered the quality products to lots of our clients located at different places in the world. Our client sites are located in New Zeland , Unites States, India - Mumbai,Bombay.

Contact Freelancer Mumbai
Mail : php.freelancer.mumbai[@]

----------- Hire / rent php programmer -----------
Per hour charges
Our freelancer team works on project basis and/or hour basis. Normally we work on project basis for full fresh website development and we work on hourly basis if the work is like maintenance or module integration.

Project Rates :
Coast per project is totally depend upon the complexity of web application and the estimated time.

Hourly Rates :
Our current hourly charges are : $7 / hr.

Cross Site Scripting XSS browser attacks

Now a days Web applications are becoming more and more dynamic. Dynamic websites means contents shown on web page are pulled dynamically depending on some settings. These setting may include sending some important variables in query string, or sending the data entered by users with post form type. So in simple words we can say that your dynamic web application needs some contents / data inputs from user, and this is the point where Cross Site Scripting
(XSS) comes in picture.
As your dynamic web application is accepting some data from users or from query string. Some users get the front door open to enter in your application and put there codes in your application. These Codes may include HTML code and/or JavaScript , any client-side scripts. Cross-site scripting technique is carried out on websites were roughly 80% of all documented security vulnerabilities.

What is XSS?

Usually attacker encodes some part of the links in HEX, and puts this in your web page through query string. So that script can be anything and we cant predict the behavior of such attacks to the web application.

Attack example : A simple JavaScript to read cookie is added to your page and then this cookie is sent to attackers action page which records all the information in the cookie created by yuor web application.

Refer folowing url

< src="" text="< script">alert(document.cookie)< / script>"> < / iframe>

If we are using the variable $text somewhere in our page and it is not escaped then this URL will render a new iframe on the place where you are using the $text variable.
In this way you can insert any of your script in another webpages and fool the users to get important information from them. But normally in such kind of attckes user never understand that there important information is being hacked by some other application.
This is the simple thing and will not cause much damage to your sitee, but attacker can do much more than this with the help of XSS.

Other XSS attacks
Attackers may inject JavaScript, VBScript, ActiveX, HTML in webpages.
This kind of attacks are done for hacking user accounts , changing of user settings, cookie theft, or advertising.

How to prevent such attacks ?

Clensing the Query String variables is the only way you can prevent such attackers.

Clensing the Query String - PHP :
string strip_tags ( string $str [, string $allowable_tags ] )
This function tries to return a string with all HTML and PHP tags stripped from a given str.

string htmlentities ( string $string [, int $quote_style [, string $charset [, bool $double_encode ]]] )

use above functions or you can write your own function which combines all such stripping functionlities.

Contact us to solve cross site scripting issues in your site : Click Here

Fatal error Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted.

sometime PHP script may returns the above error. Normally this error is generated when your script exchausted and used up the default memory requirement of 8 MB memory allocation.

* Default memory limit is set in php.ini file ( php configuration file.)

* memory_limit = 8M;

How can we manage with the memory problems comes in some php scripts?
you should check following things when such kind of memory errors occurs in your script.

1. check the default memory_limit variable in your php.ini file.
memory_limit = 8M;
you can change this memory limit and again check for the error.

a. Edit in php.ini
memory_limit = 12M;
restart the apache service.
b. code Level
@ini_set('memory_limit', '12M');
c. htaccess
php_value memory_limit 12M

2. If the error is not resolved after above step, then you should start debugging your code in order to find out the reason of memory limit exceed.
You have to first find out at what position in your code the memory limit is exceeding. you can use the php's built in function for this purpose.

Function description

memory_get_usage — This function returns the amount of memory allocated to PHP.

Syntax : int memory_get_usage ( true / false );

It returns the amount of memory, in bytes, that's currently being allocated to your PHP script.

Set the option to this function to TRUE to get the real size of memory allocated from system. If not set or FALSE only the memory used by emalloc() is returned.

How to use this function

1. Write this code ( echo memory_get_usage( true ); ) repeteadly after some no of lines.
2. Run it in browser
3. Compare the counts given by each echo and you can check which block of your code needs extra memory.
4. Once you identify the block of code which needs extra memory then you can start deallocating the unused memory spaces allocated by some unused variables and some infinite loops.
5. use following wherever necessary.
a. unset($var_name);
b. mysql_free_result($result_set); — Free result memory
c. Look for include("file.php") in loops, by mistake.
Just try to free the memory everywhere if the variable / array is no longer used.
6. Best of luck.

Function description

bool mysql_free_result ( resource $result )
It frees all the memory associated with the result identifier result .

install php install

This post if for all php beginners who dont know how to install php, and searching for php installation steps.

In order to install and learn php on your local computer system you need php
installation and an server software as well i.e.(Apache/IIS).

First we have to install apache server and then php and mysql.
so go through following steps to install apache server on your local system.
Download the latest Win32 Binary (MSI Installer) of apache web server.
click here for apache installation

You should download following version.

Version: 2.0.55
File Name: apache_2.0.55-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi

1. Download the apache installation file i.e. apache_2.0.55-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi.
2. Double click it and start the apache installation.
3. It is a normal installation so no need of brief explanation.
4. The installation wizard will ask you some fields "Network domain", "server name", "administrators email id" etc - you can enter anything in this fields.
5. Then choose typical installation and click on next button.
6. Finish the installation.
7. Open http://localhost/ and you will see the apache test page.
8. Apache installation is done.

Apache server's configuration settings is stored in a file called httpd.conf.
This file is located at C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\conf\ directory. You have to edit this file while installing php.

Install PHP
On the PHP download page, click on the zip package under the Windows Binaries section to download php. CLICLK HERE FOR PHP

You should download following version.
Version: 5.1.2
File Name:

Now go through following simple steps to install php.

1. Extract to C:\php.
2. There is one file in php directory ( php-ini-recommended.ini ).
This is a configuration file of php.
Create a copy of this php configuration file and rename it to c:\php\php.ini.
3. Now open php.ini file in any text editor which you like and do the following changes and then save it.

a)Uncomment the "include_path" on. line 505.
include_path = ".;C:\php\includes"

b)Change the "doc_root" to match your httpd.conf DocumentRoot directory. line 512.
doc_root = "C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs"

c)Change "extension_dir". Line 519.
extension_dir = "C:\php\ext"

d)Change "session.save_path" and "session.cookie_path" on
line no 939 & 958, respectively
session.save_path = "C:\Temp"
session.cookie_path = \

4. Add C:\php to your PATH System Environment Variable
a.Right-click on My Computer and choose Properties.
b.Select the Advanced tab.
c.Click Environment Variables.
d.Under System variables, select “Path” and choose Edit.
e.Move the cursor to the end of the string and add
;C:\php. A basic path will look something like the following:
5. Click ok and finish it.

6.Open your httpd.conf file located at C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\conf\ and Append the following lines.

LoadModule php5_module "c:/php/php5apache2.dll"

AddType application/x-httpd-php .php

PHPIniDir "C:/php"

7.Add index.php to the DirectoryIndex, and then save. Line 321.
DirectoryIndex index.php index.html index.html.var

8. Restart the apache server and check that test apache page is displaying or not.

php freelancer india - freelance php development

Royads :: php freelancers india
Welcome to royads. Royads is a leading team of website designers and developrers. We are working since the last two years and have developed more than 30 websites.

We are specialized in php website development and asp website development. Our team has dedicated website designers and php freelancers from Mumbai,India. We provide all kinds of website development and web designing solutions. Our website development team is experienced in diverse type of websites such as small business websites , large e-commerce portals, shopping cart websites, auction websites and matrimonial websites. Our speciality is PHP, mysql, ASP,SQL website development.

Our team also consists of creative and skilled graphic designers who are experienced in all kinds of graphics work, such as:
Template Designing
Flash website development
Logo Designing
2D animations and walk through.

Royads Team (website developers Mumbai )
3 Php freelancers Mumbai,India.
2 Asp.NET developers from Mumbai,India.
3 Graphics designers from Mumbai,India.

Use following links for more information about Web development team India (Royads).
Typo3 php freelancer
Php development
Seo freelancer Mumbai, India.
Other Web development Services.
Sample websites details

Freelancer charges
We offer low cost web designing and development services.
Average Hourly Rate - $7
Contact freelance web designer

list-all-string-functions-in- php

PHP is very powerful server side programming language.
It has lots of powerful functions which speed up the php development and also the performance. While developing a flexible and good web application we always need list of string handling functions.There are lots of php functions and I am giving you a list of all string functions in php. Which will help you for string manipulation.

List of php string functions
Quote string with slashes in a C style. "Magicquotes"
Syntax : string addcslashes ( string $str , string $charlist )
bin2hexConvert binary data into hexadecimal representation.
string bin2hex ( string $str )
chopAlias of rtrim(). Remove white spaces from right isde of string.
chrReturn a specific character
chunk_splitSplit a string into smaller chunks
string chunk_split ( string $body [, int $chunklen [, string $end ]] )
convert_cyr_stringConvert from one Cyrillic character set to another
string convert_cyr_string ( string $str , string $from , string $to )
convert_uudecode Decode a uuencoded string
string convert_uudecode ( string $data )
convert_uuencode Uuencode a string
string convert_uuencode ( string $data )
count_chars Return information about characters used in a string
count_chars ( string $string [, int $mode ] )
crc32 Calculates the crc32 polynomial of a string
int crc32 ( string $str )
crypt One-way string encryption (hashing)
echo Output one or more strings

Split a string by string.


Return: array.
php explode more details

fprintf Write a formatted string to a stream
get_html_translation_table Returns the translation table used by htmlspecialchars() and htmlentities()
hebrev Convert logical Hebrew text to visual text
hebrevc Convert logical Hebrew text to visual text with newline conversion
html_entity_decode Convert all HTML entities to their applicable characters
htmlentities Convert all applicable characters to HTML entities
htmlspecialchars_decode Convert special HTML entities back to characters
htmlspecialchars Convert special characters to HTML entities
implode Join array elements with a string
join Alias of implode()
levenshtein Calculate Levenshtein distance between two strings
localeconv Get numeric formatting information
ltrim Strip/remove whitespace (or other characters) from the beginning of a string
md5_file Calculates the md5 hash of a given file
md5 Calculate the md5 hash of a string
metaphone Calculate the metaphone key of a string
money_format Formats a number as a currency string
nl_langinfo Query language and locale information
nl2br Inserts HTML line breaks before all newlines in a string
number_format Format a number with grouped thousands
ord Return ASCII value of character
parse_str Parses the string into variables
print Output a string
printf Output a formatted string
quoted_printable_decode Convert a quoted-printable string to an 8 bit string
quotemeta Quote meta characters
rtrim Strip whitespace (or other characters) from the end of a string
setlocale Set locale information
sha1_file Calculate the sha1 hash of a file
sha1 Calculate the sha1 hash of a string
similar_text Calculate the similarity between two strings
soundex Calculate the soundex key of a string
sprintf Return a formatted string
sscanf Parses input from a string according to a format
str_ireplace Case-insensitive version of str_replace().
str_pad Pad a string to a certain length with another string
str_replace Replace all occurrences of the search string with the replacement string
str_rot13 Perform the rot13 transform on a string
str_shuffle Randomly shuffles a string
str_split Convert a string to an array
str_word_count Return information about words used in a string
strcasecmp Binary safe case-insensitive string comparison
strchr Alias of strstr()
strcmp Binary safe string comparison
strcoll Locale based string comparison
strcspn Find length of initial segment not matching mask
strip_tags Strip HTML and PHP tags from a string
stripcslashes Un-quote string quoted with addcslashes()
stripos Find position of first occurrence of a case-insensitive string
stripslashes Un-quote string quoted with addslashes()
stristr Case-insensitive strstr()
strlen Get string length
strnatcasecmp Case insensitive string comparisons using a "natural order" algorithm
strnatcmp String comparisons using a "natural order" algorithm
strncasecmp Binary safe case-insensitive string comparison of the first n characters
strncmp Binary safe string comparison of the first n characters
strpbrk Search a string for any of a set of characters
strpos Find position of first occurrence of a string
strrchr Find the last occurrence of a character in a string
strrev Reverse a string
strripos Find position of last occurrence of a case-insensitive string in a string
strrpos Find position of last occurrence of a char in a string
strspn Find length of initial segment matching mask
strstr Find first occurrence of a string
strtok Tokenize string
strtolower Make a string lowercase
strtoupper Make a string uppercase
strtr Translate certain characters
substr_compare Binary safe optionally case insensitive comparison of 2 strings from an offset, up to length characters
substr_count Count the number of substring occurrences
substr_replace Replace text within a portion of a string
substr Return part of a string
trim Strip whitespace (or other characters) from the beginning and end of a string
ucfirst Make a string's first character uppercase
ucwords Uppercase the first character of each word in a string
vfprintf Write a formatted string to a stream
vprintf Output a formatted string
vsprintf Return a formatted string
wordwrap Wraps a string to a given number of characters using a string break character


Here is a simple list of all helpful php tutorials.
Click here for complete tutoarial on php installation and development.


php has a GD library which helps programmers to create dynamic images.
There are lots of functions provided in php to support graphics. Using such functions we can create images dynamically.

First step to achive graphics with php.
Check GD library support on your php server.
You have to uncomment the php_gd.dll / in php.ini.
You can use following command to check whether gd library is enable on your server or not?

array gd_info(void) — Retrieves information about the currently installed GD library.
It will give you the information about the version and capabilities of currently installed GD library on your server.
It return an associative array. You can print this array to check GD status.

Second step is you have to learn all php image functions.
This is a list of some important php GD image functions.

image_ type_ to_ extension
image_ type_ to_ mime_ type


Php web applications can be built with security.
There are lots of points that a smart developer have to do to make application secure.


We have also started using typo3. Typo3 is a famous open source CMS.
check out my new typo blog for everything about typo3 development.

We also provide different service in typo3.
how to Install typo3.
Typo3 website development.
Typo3 template development.
Free typo3 templates.
Typo3 templavoila tutorials.
Providing Typo3 tutorials with step by step approch.
Easy to learn typo3.
How to create website in typo3.
What is FCE?
What is Templavoila?
How to create website using templavoila.
Learn typo script.


Datagrid in php ?

All of you might have seen the data grid in .NET envirnment. It is a very good tool that you can drag and drop in to your webform and start using with som simple configurations.
This can also be done in php. I have developed a fully functional DataGrid. I have used ajax and javascript as a backbone of this data grid.
This datagrid is very easy to use and very simple to customize also.
You have to just include my class file and create instance of my datagrid class.
And just configure that instance with table name and other simple properties.
This will display a great datagrid with all of following features.

1. Easy to configure.
2. Fast development.
3. Add / edit / delete facility.
4. Simple to customize and upgrade.

How to get php - ajax- datagrid from royads?
You have to email me to get this free script. It is very easy to integrate and use.
Requirments -
PHP4 or upper version.
Apache Web Server.
MySql 4 or upper version.


Though php4 is based on OOPS Standards, It does not support full OOPS concepts.
Thats why PHP5 comes up with all features of OOPS. Here I am explaining all differences in php4 and PHP5.
1.Constructors and distructors
PHP4 has constructors but doesn't have concept of distructors.
PHP5 supports both constructors and distructors.
Constructors ar used for initialization operations and the distructors are used for the finalizing operations like deallocation of memory and/or closing database connections etc.
PHP4 : Normally constructors are written with same name of the class name. so same convention is followed in php4 also.
PHP5: Introduced new convention of writing a constructor.

syntx of constructors:
function __constructor()
// initialize operations.

syntx of distructors:
function __distructor()
// finalizing operations.
Though php5 has introduced this new convention of writing constructors and descructors, it also support full backword compatibility.Means you can write in older syntax also.

2.Access Specifiers in php
PHP4: Not available
PHP5: Started using access specifiers.
Assess specifiers in php5 are listed below. Access specofoers are used for data hiding.

So the important oops concepts like data hiding is available with PHP5 now. - HURRAY


Noramlly peoples think that development of website is sufficient to make it popular and attracting more traffic on our site. But only website development is not enough to
bring recognition to your website with online marketing.
we offers comprehensive search engine marketing services to promote the sites on the web this ultimately helps to make the websites popular.
We are having team of SEO professionals.
We normally provide following SEO services .
Search engine optimization (SEO)
PPC Campaign
banner exchange programme
Directory Submition for website
Link building
Content writing and Keyword optimization
These all services will bring relevant traffic on your site.

We suggest
If Website designing and development is done from SEO kind of view , thn it becomes very easy
to promote your site and will bring more traffic on your site. We have built many shopping cart sites like online T-shirt selling and selling different products. We develope SEO friendly sites , and web site promotion part becomes easy and very effective. We offer good services and different plans for projects like website development and website promotion.

Our php programmers team and asp programmers team have good experience in development of web applications using php / asp and MySQL / MsSQL. Our programmer team follows different standards while handling different web development projects. so we are happy to announce that we are good team of php programmers and HTML / CSS Designers.


PHP is becoming popular as a good and strong web development language. A normal php file can contain HTML markup and php script embedded together. php is very easy to learn and main advantage of php is that php is a loosely coupled language and huge collection of built-in functions. Php consists of more than 700 built - in functions including String manuplation functions and Array manuplation functions.
PHP also supports OOPS concepts which allows us to re-use our code.

PHP development Mumbai, India.

Royads is a team of good and experiance web developers and web designers.Our main work area is php website development. We have lots of clients from mumbai. We are specialised in php website development, lots of opensource CMS with php.